Raman scattering study of spin-density-wave-induced anisotropic electronic properties in AFe2As2 ( A = Ca, Eu)

fig1aAuthors: W.-L. Zhang, Z. P. Yin, A. Ignatov, Z. Bukowski, Janusz Karpinski, Athena S. Sefat, H. Ding, P. Richard, and G. Blumberg


We present a polarization-resolved and temperature-dependent Raman scattering study of AFe2As2(A=Ca,Eu). In the spin-density-wave phase, spectral weight redistribution is observed in the fully symmetric and nonsymmetric scattering channels at different energies. An anisotropic Raman response is observed in the fully symmetric channel in spontaneously detwinned CaFe2As2 samples. We calculate the orbital-resolved electronic structures using a combination of density functional theory and dynamical mean field theory. We identify the electronic transitions corresponding to these two spectral features and find that the anisotropic Raman response originates from the lifted degeneracy of the dxz/yz orbitals in the broken-symmetry phase.