Superconductivity and electronic fluctuations in Ba_{1−x}K_{x}Fe_{2}As_{2} studied by Raman scattering

Authors: S.-F. Wu, P. Richard, H. Ding, H.-H. Wen, Guotai Tan, Meng Wang, Chenglin Zhang, Pengcheng Dai, G. Blumberg


Using polarization-resolved electronic Raman scattering we study underdoped, optimally doped, and overdoped Ba1−xKxFe2As2 samples in the normal and superconducting states. We show that low-energy nematic fluctuations are universal for all studied doping ranges. In the superconducting state, we observe two distinct superconducting pair-breaking peaks corresponding to one large and one small superconducting gap. In addition, we detect a
collective mode below the superconducting transition in the B2g channel and determine the evolution of its binding energy with doping. Possible scenarios are proposed to explain the origin of the in-gap collective mode. In the superconducting state of the underdoped regime, we detect a reentrance transition below which the spectral background changes and the collective mode vanishes.