New Paper Published: Raman scattering study of NaFe0.53Cu0.47As

Authors: W.-L. Zhang, Y. Song, W.-Y. Wang, C.-D. Cao, P.-C. Dai, C.-Q. Jin, and G. Blumberg

Abstract: We use polarization-resolved Raman scattering to study lattice dynamics in  NaFe0.53Cu0.47As single crystals. We identify four A1g phonon modes, at 126, 172, 183, and 197 cm-1, and four B3g phonon modes at 101, 139, 173, and 226
cm-1(D2h point group). The phonon spectra are consistent with the Ibam space group, which confirms that the Cu and Fe atoms form a stripe order. The temperature dependence of the phonon spectra suggests weak electron-phonon and magnetoelastic interactions.